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About these pots

These pots are used to catch octopus or cuttle fish across the Mediterranean Sea. The are suspended from marker bouys and rest on the sea bed. The octopus wil enter the pot to find shelter and seldom escapes when they ar e brought to the surface. Their exposure to the salt water causes an attractive build up of barnacles on the exposed pottery. No two pots are the same.

Why we love them

They are fabulously decorative - each with it's unique pattern. They are a great decorative item and truly a talking point!

How to style them

They would look great in a pair with a vase of flowers in between them


30cm tall - approx (they're all different)


Please note:

As with all antique, vintage and used items, signs of wear and tear consistent with age and use should be expected.

Delivery not included. Please contact us if you would like us to obtain a specific quote for you.

Mediterranean Octopus Traps

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