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About this pedal car

This is a sought after 1950's Triang Land Rover in unrestored condition. Obviously it's had a hard life but it hasn't lost any of it's original charm. Can still be used today as it's very solid - which is a great testament to the quality of the products back in the day!

Why we love it

It's such an iconic brand and the fact that it's survived this long having been well played with, is just amazing. In fact,we think we love it more in it's current state than if you were to restore it!


90cm long x 42cm wide - approximately.

Please note: As with all antique, vintage and used items, signs of wear and tear consistent with age and use should be expected.

Delivery is not included. Please get in touch if you would like us to arrange a specialist quote.

1950's Triang Land Rover in unrestored condition

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