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Why choose a Chesterfield?

If there’s one piece of furniture that can divide a room (sometimes quite literally) it’s the classic chesterfield.


They’re instantly recognisable yet the draw such differing responses from people. To some, they are the height of elegance, representing a traditional , quality piece of furniture and they’re often associated with formal environments – Doctor’s waiting rooms, Lawyers offices, Banks etc. Locations where you would be expected to ‘sit up’ and not slouch.


To others, they’re seen as an impractical alternative to a modern sofa or lounger, with their hard, buttoned surfaces discouraging chilling out and relaxing.


In truth, they’re very practical, easy to maintain and to clean. Whether you choose a club chair, a wing-back or a sofa, they command the room space where they sit and with a few well-placed scatter cushions, their potentially ‘hard’ lines can be softened. With care, they’ll look as good in 50 years as they do now.


Try one when you’re out in town next time you’re out and about!

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