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One year old!

Yes! - we've trading for one year in Great malvern!

One year on and we're still delighted and excited that we decided to open in Great Malvern!

We've met some terrific people who share our view on what's cool and desirable and we have many repeat visits - so, 'Thank You'.

It's fabulous that we're still getting new first-time customers too, as more and more people discover exactly what we're about and what we have to offer.We're always trying to find exciting, one off items with great design, that have a practical use or are simply decorative.

The key to our success is that items are 'one off'. We can't simply re-order from the wholesaler and we don't have multiples in stock. When these items are gone, they're really gone!

So once more, 'Thank You' Great Malvern - long may our relationship continue!

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